6, 10 or 12 individual rolls with manual or automatic splice for maximum flexibility and easiness of use
Automatic joint rejection system by metal detector
Patented design and durable blades designed for 500 cuts/min
First class automation for superior performances, an outstanding worldwide support and availability of spare parts for years
Integrated flow wrapper tailored to perfectly match maker features and performances
High quality standards to ensure product safety and avoid contaminations
Components from 1st class vendors only
High speed and long lasting rotary die cutter, with blades in stainless steel for up to 320mm length wipes
High strength sealing head ensuring perfect sealing even with critical films
Longitudinal sealing through a series of sealing rollers with the removal of extra material by means of a cutter, for greater cleanliness and order
High-efficiency thanks to reduced waste production (< 3%)
Pharma GMP standards for materials, components and design to minimize product contamination risks
Equipment allows easy and effective CIP (Clean In Place) in order to change formula in a snap
Recipes in the HMI (Human Machine Interface) ensure quick retrieve and error proof operation


Third labeller for anti tamper safety seal
Production lot marking system
System for the air removal from the package
Transversal fin trimming for nicer appearance
Jaws heigth assisted adjustment
Quick and easy jaw replacement kit
Remote connection for teleservice
Lotion level sensor for automatic reloading
Vision system for additional quality control




Teknoweb GENESIS lato/side


Teknoweb GENESIS alto/top


Genesis 10

Genesis 12

Design speed (wipes/min)up to 6000up to 7200
Operating speed (wipes/min)fino a 5000fino a 6000
Cutting speed (clips/min)500500
Stacking speed (stacks/min)120120
Linear speed (m/min)100100
Packing machine speed (packs/min)100 | 80 with gusset100 | 80 with gusset
MotorFull ServoFull Servo
Roll diameter (mm) std | opt1200 | 15001200 | 1500
Roll width (mm) min | std | max150 | 250 | 280150 | 250 | 280
Stack length (mm) min | max100 | 320100 | 320
Folded wipe width (mm) min | max75 | 12075 | 120
Fold typeZ, C, W e V modifiedZ, C, W e V modified
Clip height (mm) min | max5 | 205 | 20
Stack height (mm) min | max 5 | 805 | 80
Quantity of lotion (%) min | max200 | 400200 | 400
Labelling machines std | opt2 |32 |3
Sealing of wrapping machine filmAutomaticAutomatic
Sealing headLong Dwell TechnologyLong Dwell Technology