The development of Industry 4.0 offers several opportunities to improve the productivity of company plants, even in the Wet Wipes field.

The changes of this digital revolution will be the focus of Guido Conio intervention, sales and marketing Director of Teknoweb Converting, during Go Wipes Europe event, that will take place in Frankfurt on the 16th and 17th November 2017.

New technologies integration and the re-definition of industrial automation are intended to change the management mode of production lines: a higher knowledge will allow you to optimize productivity and to keep under control the quality of finished product.

The relationship between man and machine will mutate, from roles exchange to collaboration and development of specific kind of interaction, through new tools and languages. The collection and the analysis of data, and the interconnection between machines will be the key to develop production, and identify the possibility to increase yield and value.

Wet wipes industry, always characterized by a marked automation tendency, shows interesting processes of change starting from the introduction of MES systems, such as “The Connected Wipes”, the innovative Teknoweb Converting software that permits you to monitor functionality and optimize the line.


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