Wet wipes converting line


Automatic splice
Semi-jumbo unwinders with slitter on line
Edge guiders for each lane
Ribbon rolls to adjust the tension
Adjustable folding boards
Additional pre-fold wetting nozzles
Log saw cutting unit
Additional lotion pump

Main Features

  • From 12 up to 100 lanes for full flexibility
  • Fully customizable line with multiple options to match all requirements of speed and product configuration
  • High efficiency in raw material utilization to make your investment productive in the short term
  • Choice of automation system
  • Multiple flow wrapper choice to follow your volume needs


  • Wider width wipes up to 320mm
  • Suitable for very delicate substrates like flushable ones
  • Quick change over
  • Choice among multiple type of unwinders
  • Wide choice of options to build machine tailored on your needs


  • Quick start and stop for reduced waste
  • It grows with the demand. You can add more capacity at a later time
  • Easy setting
Unfolded wipe
Unfolded wipe
Folded wipe
Folded wipe
Customized design from 12 up to 80 rolls
Customized design from 12 up to 80 rolls

Distinctive specs

Futura is the most versatile production line that can be tailored to your needs.

+    Unwinding

Single, double or semi-jumbo | Manual or automatic | Servo-driven metering roll | Tension reliever along the ribbon

+    Cutting

Patented design and long lasting blades | Up to 700 cuts/min

+    Wetting

Pre and after folding nozzle bar for each lane | Multiple lobe pumps for an accurate wetting

+    Stacking

Precise stack | Two independent pushers | Two independent lifters | Clip rejection

Guaranteed production output
Futura w/rotary die cut Futura w/log saw
Design Speed (wipes/min) Up to 19.200 Up to 33.000
Working Speed (wipes/min) Up to 16.800 Up to 33.000
Cutting Speed (clips/min) 700 600
Stacking Speed (stacks/min) 150
Linear Speed (m/m) 145
Number of lanes Up to 24 Up to 100
Drive Full Servo
Reel Diameter (mm) std | opt 1200 | 1500
Roll Width (mm) min | max | opt 130 | 210 | 320
Semi-jumbo reel lane Width (mm) min | max 150 | 350
Stack length (mm) min | max 100 | 300
Folded Width (mm) min | max 80 | 160
Interfolded Yes
Folding pattern Z, C, W and derivates
Clip height (mm) min | max 5 | 20
Stack height (mm) min | max 15 | 100
Count min | max 8 | 150
Lotion rate (%) min | max 200 | 400
Efficiency (%) reels | semi-jumbo > 85% | > 95%
Scrap (%) < 3%
Absorbed power KW (20 lanes) 8

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