Integrated lid applicator
Four longitudinal seal units
Quality control with automatic reject system
Remote connection for tele-service
3rd labeller for anti tamper safety seal
Lot mark presence
Stack stop plunger to increase placement’s precision
Transversal fin trimming for nicer appearance
Jaws height assisted adjustment
Jaws easy quick change kit
Stack calibrating unit

Main Features

  • Up to 150 ppm
  • No compromise on speed. The fastest machine on the market for hermetic seals applications
  • Infeed made by an accumulation conveyor + 4 belts and chain section
  • Both reel from the top and reel from the bottom versions available
  • Three labellers
  • Automatic splicing unit
  • High quality standards to ensure product safety and avoid contaminations


  • Quality checks along the line guarantee top class production
  • Compliant to all best safety standards
  • Design to minimize risks of product contamination
  • Modular design for easy maintenance and easy retrofit
No compromise on speed.
No compromise on speed.

Distinctive specs

The fastest machine on the market with the lowest TCO

+    Design

Sanitary design with sloped top surfaces and round frames | Modular design for easy retrofit

+    Longitudinal Fin sealing

Proper sealing ensured by four pairs of parallel opening welding rolls
Removal of the extra material with cutter to a cosy and neat appearance
Spiral heaters for low energy consumption
Modular design for easy maintenance

+    Film unwinding

Controlled by expansion shafts, magnetic brake and load cells

+    Quality control systems

No-product/no-bag and product misplace features included
Sensors/vision systems available as an option

+    Air removal

Brick-like pack appearance
Reduced product spoilage

+    Diagonal Sealing head

Highly balanced sealing head to minimize vibration level

+    Reject system

Out of specs packs rejected on the fly, available as option

Delta 6000
Linear Speed (m/m) 45
Flow Wrap Speed (packs/min) 150 con tassello
Drive Full Servo
Roll Diameter (mm) std | opt 350
Roll Width (mm) min | max | opt 500
Stack length (mm) min|max 100 | 320
Stack Width (mm) min|max 75 | 130
Stack height (mm) min|max 5 | 100
Wrap film splice Auto
Welding Head Long Dwell Technology
Design Speed (wipes/min) Up to 150 ppm
Clip height (mm) min|max 5 | 20

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