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The connected wipes

The latest innovation in wet wipes production control: The Connected Wipes is the digital solution to simply schedule and monitor the entire production process in order to improve the efficiency of your converting and packaging line and your capacity of planning.

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Lotion Preparation

Our equipment for water treatment and lotion preparation is the right complement to the investment in a wet wipes production line.

It consists of sand filter, softners, free chlorine remover, reverse osmosis desalination that guarantee purified water, bacteria free, suitable to be the solvent for the best lotion solution.

Being bacteria free our purified water allows to reduce and even avoid completely usage of preservatives in the finished product, in order to be more skin-friendly.

Our proposal comes in 2 sizes, 2.000 l/h and 5.000 l/h, to pair them to single converting lines or group of 2/3. For bigger production area we provide an array of water purifiers to ensure the right flow and necessary redundancy.


Flat Fold

Converting equipment for production of flat packs, wet wipes folded in longitudinal direction only, are characterized by wide range of capacity and versatility paired with limited footprint.

End users can choose capacity, from 80 up to 600 packs/min,  according to their specific need. Versatility is outstanding because of  capability to process all substrates, even the most delicate ones like “flushable”, and to fold in all possible ways. Reduced footprint is obtained thanks to an advanced type of stacker that avoid usage of extremely long array of rolls.

Main Markets

Baby wipes
Wet Toilet
Personal Care

Cross folded

Equipment for cross-folded products, wipes folded in both longitudinal and transversal direction, use a “wheel” technology that builds cutting, folding and stacking in one single module. This allows reduced footprint and a precise wipes stack to properly feed the flow wrapper downstream.

Use of multiple lanes, 2, 3 o 4 allows to tailor equipment on your own needs from 1.400 up to 2.400 wipes/min.

Our offering is capable to use a wide type of substrates (even the most delicate) and rolls (single or semi-jumbo), control (quality vision systems and maintenance support). Designed according to the best GMP standards.


Main Markets

Personal care
Travel pack


Equipment for the production of single individually packed (or sachet) wet wipes is compact and easy to use. Multiple lanes allow the RX8 to keep its over-all dimensions quite limited, while still delivering highest level of productivity in the market (up to 200 pieces/min). These characteristics don’t limit versatility since the RX8 can produce a wide range of sizes (up to 200 mm).

Teknoweb’s sachet machines can fold the wipe longitudinally and transversally or even rolled up for a higher value perception and better user experience.

End of line equipment delivers finished products either in bulk to cases or to automatic packing machines.


Main Markets

Personal care
Travel pack


Flow wrappers, optimized for manufacturing of wet wipes, are born from strong cooperation with Ilapak. This leads to solutions completely integrated with upstream equipment that allow cost optimization and simplification of process flow. But this cooperation drives important new advanced solutions like desmodromic welding heads specifically designed for wet wipe industry and higher speed. The system to reduce air volume in the pack, high strengths weldings, functional design according to the best GMP standards make our flow wrappers the reference point for the whole market.

Our equipment are extremely configurable and are specifically tailored to our converting machine and even beyond.



Our equipment to apply lid manufactures wipes pack with a top class quality and extremely repeatable process. Either you use an offline solution, aka stand alone, or an integrated equipment into the flow wrapper, our lid applicators continuously adapt movement to the position of pack/film. This is the reason our lid are all aligned and parallel to the pack edges.

The integrated equipment allows important cost reduction and limited footprint. The off line solution instead ensure enriched versatility and use of equipment even with other production configuration. All our applicators can be improved with automatic lid loading systems, labellers and vision control capability.


Case Packer

From IMA experience and Ilapak know-how we have developed a series of case packers that match perfectly all requirements for the manufacturing of wet wipes. Actually, wet wipes industry demand capability to manage many different pack sizes, multiple stack configuration and extremely fast feeding speed. This is a very demanding scope.

Thanks to an innovative concept based on the latest development from automation industry our case packer, derived from BFB base, a company belonging to the IMA group,  ensures to provide all of them and particularly to change over in minutes and with very limited manual setting without use of any tool. Therefore majority of change over settings are carried out automatically and controlled by parameters in the HMI.

We provide solutions from 20 up to 50 case/min and even beyond.


Nonwoven gloves have thousands of applications: for caregivers to take care of people to housewives for surface cleanings and beyond.

Teknoweb glove equipment provides all flexibility and productivity you are asking for. Web unwinding system and thread management ensure a precise manufacturing. Ultrasound welding reduces hot melt usage delivering both cost reduction and flexibility in glove profile design. A better product exactly as you need it.

An outstanding stacker unit with paddles and synchro belt guarantees an exceptional stable stack and perfectly shaped. So good to feed a downstream packaging equipment, flow wrapper or case packer.

Equipment is available for dry product and pre-lotioned (wet).

Main Markets


After Sales

Teknoweb Converting provides unparalleled sales and support services through their own and Ilapak branches. A network who  quickly delivers

  • Spare parts
  •  Technical support
  • Training and consultancy
  • Equipment revamping and upgrades

Our team is able to assist you in both service on our equipment, under warranty and not, and improvement of supplies from third parties with specific and focussed intervention  characterized by reasonabile costs.


R&D department is the part of Teknoweb Converting dedicated to develop new and innovative solutions. Our internal team, having a background both converting and packaging, thanks to the cooperation with Ilapak, acts as a unique entity to improve existing technology, simplifying processes, increasing flexibility and innovating finished products.

Teknoweb Converting strives to introduce breakthrough solutions in sectors characterized by lack of innovation or with high margins for technological improvements. We are a system of “open innovation” built by information exchange and cooperation throughout the whole production chain, university excellence and, not the least, a collaborative company culture.

About us

Teknoweb Converting, founded in 2004, is the world leader in developing innovative solutions for the manufacture of wet wipes and wet toilet tissue.

Cutting-edge technology, high-speed, multi-functional design and modularity make Teknoweb Converting an excellence in wet wipes converting and packaging that offers complete, trouble-free, flexible, efficient, fast and reliable production lines with the lowest TCO

In February 2015, the company became part of the IMA Group and, through this partnership, Teknoweb can draw on the wide group know-how and technical solutions.

From the lotion preparation to case packing, TKW Converting encompasses the entire cycle of transformation and represents a step forward for the entire sector; a true frontier of innovation.


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