Production speed up to 120 packs/min
Compact version, with film rolls unwinding from the top controlled by expansion poles, magnetic brake and load cells
Pharma GMP Standards(Good Manufacturing Practice) and sanitary design, to minimize product contamination risks
Loading by accumulator conveyor belt + 2 belts and a chain system, to ensure perfect equidistance between one product and another
Durable circular die cutter, made with high-quality steel blades
Transversal sealing through a high power Long Dwell sealing head to guarantee optimum performance even with difficult films
High-efficiency thanks to reduced waste production (<1.5%)
System for the removal of air from the package
Two labelling machines equipped with an interchange function to avoid process interruptions
Automatic splice unit
Totally customizable line, multiple options to meet requests for package aesthetics, configuration and the like (possible lid application, sealing, etc.)
Quick format change
Automation technology (Rockwell Automation/Siemens) unbeatable performance guarantee, with effective international support and long-term spare parts availability
Components from qualified suppliers only
Space-saving design
Recipes stored in HMI (Human Machine Interface), for quick answers and error-free operations
Longitudinal sealing through four pairs of sealing wheels with removal of excess material by means of a cutter, for greater cleanliness and order
Integrated quality control (Vision System), for non-conformities, locked to the initial state and full process control
Continuous quality control, “no-product/no-bag” and “misplaced product” procedures included


Available in OPEN FRAME version
Integrated lid applicator
Four sealing units
Remote connection for tele-service
Third labelling machine for tamper-proof seal
Batch stamp
Stack-stop system for better positioning accuracy
Crosswise shaped cut for better aesthetics
Assisted jaw height adjustment
Quick and easy jaw change kit
Stack calibration unit
Automatic ejection of non-compliant packages
QR code reading systems with automatic rejection system




Teknoweb D3000 lato/side


Teknoweb D3000 alto/top
Design speed (packs/min)up to 120
Operating speed (packs/min)120 con soffietto
Linear speed (m/min)35
MotorFull servo
Roll diameter (mm) up to 350
Roll width (mm) up to 500
Stack length (mm) min | max100 | 320
Closed wipe width (mm) min | max75 | 130
Stack height (mm) min | max 25 | 100
Number of labelling machines std | opt2 | 3
Sealing film roll changeAutomatic
Transversal sealing headLong Dwell Technology
Efficiency (%)> 95%
Waste (%)< 1,5%
Assorbimento energetico KW15