During the World of Wipes event in Chicago Teknoweb Converting presented a paper on choosing the right machine for manufacturing wet wipes with title “Wet Wipes Converting Line: Is Two Better than One?”.
When deciding to manufacture wet wipes or expand wipes production capacity, a few questions arise: How many machines do I need? Which speed? Better to have one high speed machine or multiple medium speed converting lines?

A higher speed production line reduces per product cost by dividing personnel cost (that in some geographies is everything but negligible) by a higher number of products produced. But lower speed equipment allows more flexibility and reduced capital expenditure.

This choice is not easy and, to this point, there hasn’t been a simple and clearly correct answer. This paper compares the two types of solutions – high or medium speed equipment – and makes the decision-making process both clear and easy.

Paper was much appreciated by the audience. You can find it here Teknoweb Converting – World of Wipes 2016.